Improving SaskPower's Infrastructure for Regina City Central Business District

May 01, 2018

Satellite image of downtown Regina

In the next few months, you may see our crews more in Regina's Downtown and surrounding neighbourhoods. It's because we're making upgrades to the power grid as we invest $9 million in the area. This work is necessary so we can continue to provide reliable and safe service.

Here’s a detailed look at the work and what’s involved:

Inspecting the underground system

  • Where: Various locations between Dewdney Avenue to 13th Avenue and Osler Street to Elphinstone Street.
  • What: Crews will be inspecting underground systems to assess conditions to help us plan for future work. We’ll also perform maintenance in certain locations.
  • When: From May to December crews will be active for two hours per inspection site. At certain locations inspections will be scheduled outside of business hours to minimize disruptions.
  • Impact: Partial road and sidewalk closures.

Installing and maintaining duct banks

  • Where: Around the General Hospital (2100 block Toronto Street), Central Library (2300 block 12th Avenue) and 2200 – 2400 blocks of Wallace Street.
  • What: We’ll be building new duct banks, replacing aging infrastructure and performing regular maintenance.
  • When: May to mid-September.
  • Impact: Road and sidewalk closures.

Replacing overhead lines

  • Where: 1700 – 1900 blocks of 13th Avenue, 1700 – 1900 blocks of 15th Avenue, 1800 – 2100 blocks of 4th Avenue and 1800 – 2100 blocks of 6th Avenue.
  • What: Crews will be replacing overhead lines and poles in alleys and along streets.
  • When: Work will be done most days, including weekends and holidays. Crews will be working on 4th and 6th Avenues from April to June and 13th and 15th Avenues from June to September.
  • Impact: Reduced access to alleys and multiple two to five hour power outages in the area.

Installing and replacing underground equipment and cables

  • Where:
    • Intersection of Saskatchewan Drive and Halifax Street
    • 1700 block Halifax Street
    • 1800 - 1900 blocks of 13th Avenue
    • Blocks between Scarth Street and Rose Street and between Victoria Avenue and 13th Avenue
    • 2300 block 12th Avenue
    • 2000 block McIntyre Street to 2100 block Smith Street
  • What: Crews will be installing new padmount equipment and cables to replace old equipment and cables.
  • When: April to December.
  • Impact: Traffic disruptions, lane closures and power outages.

Decommissioning old facilities

  • Where: 2700 - 3200 blocks of Victoria Avenue (north alley), 2400 to 2700 Victoria Avenue (north alley) and Elphinstone Sub-station (1900 Block Elphinstone Street).
  • What: Crews will be removing old and abandoned cables and equipment and cleaning up the sites.
  • When: April to November.
  • Impact: Traffic disruptions and lane closures.

Engineering exploration

  • Where: 1700 block 12th Avenue, 1800 - 1900 blocks of Osler Street and the alley south of 12th Avenue and west of McIntyre Street.
  • What: Crews will be cutting small holes in road or sidewalk to verify locations and take measurements to help inform the design of future projects.
  • When: From May to September crews will be active for two to three hours per exploration site.
  • Impact: Temporary traffic disruptions and noise.

Homes and businesses affected by these upgrades will receive door hangers and/or letters. This will alert them to upcoming power outages or road/alley closures. Notification of power outages is also available at and on our Twitter feed.

For notification of Regina road closures, please visit the City of Regina’s daily road report.

You can learn more about this project on our Construction Projects page.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience while we complete this work.

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