5 Questions with Tanya Messer about the new Outage Map

May 31, 2018


We recently launched our new online Outage Map. We sat down with Tanya Messer, Manager of the Outage Centre, to find out more about how this map will benefit you.

  1. Why did we create the outage map?

    We wanted to make it easier for you to stay informed during an outage. And to let you know in advance about when we’ll be doing maintenance requiring a planned outage in your area.

    This map will save you time – you’ll no longer have to call the Outage Centre to find out restoration times. You can easily check the map for updates on the outage affecting you.

  2. Is the outage map in real-time?

    Right now, there’s a 10 minute lag on the outage map. Our process is currently manual. Crews provide the Outage Centre with updates, and they update the map, twitter, etc.

    In the future, the smart grid will be able to provide us with real-time information. This two-way communication allows us to see outages in the system. This means we’ll no longer need to rely on customers reporting outages. This makes it better for customers during an outage situation.

  3. What does the outage map do?

    The outage map allows you to zoom into any part of the province to see if that area’s experiencing an outage.

    You can check the map on your mobile device, desktop or tablet. This makes it accessible wherever you are.

  4. How does the outage map work?

    To see if your area’s experiencing an outage, you can zoom into the map using the ‘+’ or ‘-’ symbols in the lower right-hand corner of the map. Or type your address in at the search bar at the top of the map. The map is colour coordinated showing two types of outages:

    • planned (orange)
    • unplanned (red)

    You can find additional information in the table below, such as:

    • location
    • type of outage
    • time posted
  5. Where do I go to check out the map?

    You can access the outage map on our website here. If you experience an outage, please continue to call 310-2220.

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