SaskPower Working to Shorten Customer Call Wait Times

October 09, 2018

Customer talking on phone.
Chances are if you’ve called us lately you’ve spent some time on hold – too much time. We sat down with Shawn Schmidt, Vice-President - Customer Services to learn what we’re doing to fix the problem.
  1. Why are wait times so long when I phone SaskPower?

    Firstly, we’re sorry about this.  We’re experiencing an unexpected increase in calls to our Care Centre – which is increasing wait times. In addition to getting more calls, it’s taking us longer to resolve those calls. This is not up to your standards – or ours - and we are working hard to get this fixed.

  2. Why did this happen?

    Fall is a busy time, with increased residential moves, tree trimming requests, meter reads, etc.  That said, this year, we’ve had a lot more calls than expected. Overall customer calls are up year over year, as well.  To put things in perspective, we had 71,000 calls from customers moving, which is approximately the equivalent of every resident of Prince Albert and Moose Jaw calling us.  

  3. How long do customers have to wait?

    Our average customer wait time over the entire year was nine minutes. Recently, we’ve seen that average peak at 25 minutes. If you’ve been one of the customers trying to get through, we appreciate how frustrating it can be. Everyone here, including our customer service representatives, have spent time in lengthy phone queues and greatly appreciate your patience.

  4. What are you doing to fix the problem, and when will it be fully resolved?

    We’re getting all hands on deck to reduce the wait times as quickly as possible. Our first step is moving staff from other areas of Customer Services to provide assistance, and we’re going to be hiring additional staff and getting them trained as quickly as possible.

    Longer-term, we’re going to look at which of our internal processes can be streamlined to free up even more staff time to answer calls. We’ll also work to raise more awareness of our self-serve options.

  5. What are other options if I’m not willing to wait on hold?

    • If you need to call us and don’t want to wait, our Call Back option is a good idea. If you use this, we’ll call you back, and you won’t lose your place in the queue.  You can get back to your life while you wait.
    • If you’re moving, consider Express Address. It’s one-stop shopping that helps you to make your request online and avoid long wait times.
    • We also offer online services for tree trimming, street light repair, and new connection of service.  These can be accessed through our Accounts and Services page on
    • The SaskPower app allows you to get notifications on your phone to stay updated on outages, check your account balance and power use, and submit your meter reading.

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