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Vice-Chair, Saskatoon

Bryan Leverick joined the Board of Directors in 2008. He is the president of Alliance Energy Ltd. He joined the company in 1974.


  • Business Administration Certificate from the University of Saskatchewan
  • Chartered Director from McMaster University
  • Journeyman electrician
  • Gold Seal in project management from the Canadian Construction Association

Volunteer and Board Positions

  • Board member of Ducks Unlimited Canada
  • Board member of The Saskatoon Club
  • Past chair of the Royal University Hospital Foundation’s board
  • Past chairman of the Canadian Electrical Contractors Association
  • Past president of the Saskatchewan Construction Association
  • Past president of the Saskatchewan Bid Depository
  • Past president of the Saskatoon Construction Association, and Electrical Contractors Association
  • Past chairman of the Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority
  • Past chairman of the Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation
  • Avid supporter of Ronald McDonald House and the Farm in the Dell

In 2003, the Saskatchewan Construction Association awarded him the Distinguished Service Award. They also awarded Mr. Leverick the Person of the Year Award in 2006.

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