New Site Selected for Wind Project Expected In-Service in 2020

January 05, 2017

SaskPower and Algonquin Power have agreed on a change of location for a 177 megawatt (MW) wind project to the Blue Hills area which is located between Herbert and Neidpath in southwest Saskatchewan.

The project was originally planned for a site near Chaplin; however, the site needed to be changed due to environmental concerns. With support from SaskPower and the guidelines established by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment, Algonquin has selected the new site in the Blue Hills area.

"The Blue Hills project plays a key role in our ability to achieve our goal of doubling our renewable generating capacity by 2030," said Mike Marsh, SaskPower President & CEO. "We're expecting wind power to make up about 30 per cent of our capacity within that same timeframe, so we anticipate there will be many more opportunities for wind and other renewable energy projects in the future."

The project will now proceed to the regulatory review permitting process through the Ministry of Environment. The new Wildlife Siting Guidelines for Saskatchewan Wind Energy Projects will provide additional clarity for all future wind projects.

Information on SaskPower's plans for renewables, as well as details on upcoming projects, can be found at #PowerToGrow

At a glance...

  • 177 MW wind project to be located in Blue Hills area.
  • In-service date expected in 2020.

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