New Tool Helps Customers Understand Their Energy Consumption

May 08, 2017

And could result in savings on their bills too!

Today, SaskPower launched a new online energy efficiency assessment tool that helps residential customers understand their energy usage and provides recommendations on how they could become more energy efficient.

The tool is free and can be found online at Customers will be asked to enter in general building and usage information to help the tool calculate basic energy-savings potential. This new tool will take many different factors that impact energy usage into account, including lighting, insulation, appliances and more.

After customers enter their information, they will receive an estimated breakdown of their consumption, and recommendations on how to become more energy efficient and potentially save on their utility bills. Customers will also receive recommendations on SaskPower incentive programs they could benefit from.

"The online energy efficiency assessment is a free tool that provides our customers with knowledge on the part they can play in becoming more energy efficient," said Diane Avery, SaskPower Vice-President of Customer Services. "The tool provides recommendations that the customer can implement within their homes which could result in savings on their power bills." This tool also provides an advanced option that allows customers to provide more detailed information for a more accurate assessment. It also allows customers to see how weather impacts their consumption, view a detailed monthly analysis and compare their consumption to last year. As there are many factors that impact energy consumption, the tool provides only generalized savings potential for customers and does not represent exact savings customers could see on their utility bills.

A business assessment tool is also available and can be found at

For more information, please visit #SkSaveNow

At a glance...

  • The online energy efficiency assessment tool allows residential customers to see where their money is going and how they could become more energy efficient.
  • The tool provides an estimated breakdown of the power consumed and provides suggestions on how you could save on your bills.
  • Access the tool at

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