SaskPower Celebrates Environment Week

June 05, 2017

Celebrate with SaskPower by picking up and planting a free seedling, available at select locations across Saskatchewan.

Environment Week is June 5-11, 2017 and SaskPower is encouraging its customers to celebrate by picking up, and planting, a free Red Osier Dogwood seedling from select Saskatchewan locations, while quantities last. A list of locations can be found on SaskPower's blog page.

The seedlings are courtesy of SaskPower's Shand Greenhouse which uses waste heat from Shand Power Station to grow tree and shrub seedlings, for use by Saskatchewan non-profit organizations. This program began in 1992 and has cultivated over 11 million seedlings since inception, offering the potential sequestration of 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (or the gas equivalent of taking 200,000 Canadian coast-to-coast road trips).

SaskPower will also be planting 10,000 trees in regional parks across the province this spring — one for every customer who recently helped the environment by switching to paperless billing.

Whether it's planting trees or using power more efficiently, we can all do our part to make more environmentally responsible choices. Every little bit makes a difference. SaskPower is committed to managing emissions and plans on reducing greenhouse emissions by 40 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030. To meet this goal, SaskPower will significantly increase the amount of renewables to 50 per cent of Saskatchewan's generation mix by 2030.

To learn more on how you can be more energy efficient and environmentally responsible, visit #SkSaveNow

At a glance...

  • SaskPower is celebrating Environment Week (June 5-11) by offering free seedlings to customers across Saskatchewan.
  • SaskPower is committed to managing emissions and plans on reducing greenhouse emissions by 40 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030.

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