SaskPower Defers Tazi Twé Hydro Project

September 25, 2017

SaskPower is deferring development of the Tazi Twé hydroelectric project near Black Lake, Saskatchewan due to a decline in the projected demand for power in northern Saskatchewan.

"We have decided not to proceed with construction until there is a viable business case for this project, which is largely dependent on economic activity in northern Saskatchewan," said SaskPower President and CEO Mike Marsh. "SaskPower values the relationship we've worked hard to develop with the people from the Black Lake First Nation over the past number of years. We thank the community for its collaboration and look forward to our continued engagement."

Until last year, demand for power had been projected to grow at a rate of four to five per cent annually in northern Saskatchewan. Those predictions were recently decreased to one to two per cent per year. This means SaskPower will be able to meet demand in the province's north with the infrastructure already in place. This approach is in line with our capital spending plan that ensures we meet the power needs of our customers while keeping rates as low as possible.

SaskPower has invested approximately $34 million over the past five years in feasibility studies and engineering to develop the technical and economic aspects of this project. The amount reflects the complex nature of the project, including its remote location, unique ownership structure, plans to build entirely on First Nations land, and comprehensive environmental and public consultation requirements.

SaskPower will continue to engage the Black Lake First Nation on any developments regarding this project's future, as well as on targeted initiatives such as energy conservation and efficiency.


At a glance...

  • Tazi Twé on hold due to fall in forecasted power demand in northern Saskatchewan
  • Power needs were expected to grow 4-5% per year; now forecasting 1-2% growth
  • Project can be revisited if conditions change
  • SaskPower will continue to engage community of Black Lake

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