SaskPower Investing $4.1 Million to Support Growth, Improve Reliability in Prince Albert Area

January 03, 2017

SaskPower continues to make significant investments in the province's electrical system to keep up with a growing demand for power, meet environmental commitments and renew and grow an aging power grid. The work includes upgrading portions of the power grid in the north area of the province, including: Prince Albert, Shellbrook, Rosthern, Candle Lake, and surrounding rural areas.

"SaskPower is facing an ongoing power challenge," says Tim Eckel, Vice President of Transmission Services. "As the demand for power continues to grow, we not only need to build the grid, but we need to maintain our existing assets, including our power poles, transformers and stations. We're investing throughout Saskatchewan to make sure homes, farms and businesses have the power they need, when they need it."

In 2016, residential and commercial customers in the area made 262 new connection or reconstruction requests. This is in addition to SaskPower's $4.1 million regional investment.

Work in the area includes: relocating and upgrading overhead power lines out of the middle of farmers' fields, remediating power structures located in water-logged areas, replacing and upgrading protective relays in our stations, upgrading rural power lines, trimming trees near power lines, and adding wildlife protection to safeguard electrical components (reduces chance of power outage due to wildlife contact from animals such as birds or rodents, which account for more than 30 per cent of unplanned power outages). With everything completed, SaskPower is ready to support future demand.

In order to safely complete ongoing system improvements, planned outages may be required. Customers will be notified in advance. Planned power outages are listed on and on Twitter@SaskPower. #PowerToGrow

At a glance...

  • Investment of $4.1 million in the area is part of SaskPower's investment in the province's electrical system this year.
  • Aging infrastructure causes approximately 34 per cent of unplanned outages in Saskatchewan.
  • This year, 42 per cent of your SaskPower bill will go toward electrical infrastructure.

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