SaskPower Launches Non-Residential Smart Meter Pilot

October 05, 2017

Today, SaskPower announced the launch of a pilot to test commercial and industrial smart meters as one part of its larger grid modernization program.

"SaskPower has been providing power to our homes and businesses since the 1920s," said SaskPower President and CEO Mike Marsh. "The methods and technologies of the past have served us well. This next step towards a new, smarter power grid will help SaskPower provide service that is more adaptable and reliable for today, and generations to come."

SaskPower and a third party have completed safety testing on the non-residential smart meters being installed. Approximately 500 will be installed on the sites of two participating industrial customers and at a number of SaskPower and SaskEnergy facilities. This pilot will allow SaskPower to test the functionality and software used by the meters and the data communication network over the coming year.

"These meters have been extensively tested in routine and extreme conditions to meet or exceed the highest safety standards. Safety and public engagement are the priority for SaskPower on this project. The meter itself has met a safety standard that goes above and beyond any standard that currently exists in the industry," said Marsh. "Our vision is for a Saskatchewan smart grid in 5-10 years that will allow customers to closely monitor their power use and make conservation choices; help SaskPower identify and address power outages faster than ever before; and provide actual monthly bills to our customers, not estimates."

Residential smart meter deployment is not planned until at least 2018-19. Beforehand, SaskPower will identify a meter that meets the new, more rigorous safety standard. SaskPower looks forward to joining the network of 85 million smart meters installed in North America today, including 85% of meters in Canada.

At a glance...

  • Commercial and industrial smart meters meet or exceed safety standards
  • Meters have been tested extensively by SaskPower and a third party
  • 500 smart meters will be installed for two industrial customers taking part in pilot
  • 85% of all power meters in Canada today are smart meters

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