SaskPower Welcomes New Tenant at Carbon Capture Test Facility in Estevan

January 09, 2018

Shell Cansolv (Cansolv Technologies Inc.) is set to use SaskPower's carbon capture test facility over the coming year to further explore existing and new chemistry at the core of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology. Insights gained from the research will be used to enhance Cansolv's technologies and inform future projects. The widespread use of CCS can significantly reduce emissions from power generation, and from industrial sectors that will continue to rely on fossil fuels for decades to come.

"SaskPower's Carbon Capture Test Facility helps the next generation of CCS technology to be developed, right here in Saskatchewan," said Minister Responsible for SaskPower Dustin Duncan. "With the Boundary Dam project and this facility, SaskPower and Saskatchewan continue to be world-leaders in the development and application of a technology that the United Nations calls essential if we are to reduce the impact of man-made emissions on climate change.

"The former tenant of the facility completed testing on new CCS technology in 2017. SaskPower's test facility allows a "plug-and-play" system, meaning the technology that was tested by the former tenant is now removed and the new equipment and chemistry to be tested by Shell is being added into the facility for testing.

"The work led by Shell Cansolv over the coming year will also include the chemistry employed in the process we're using at our Boundary Dam CCS facility, potentially allowing us to make significant improvements together, in-house," said SaskPower President and CEO Mike Marsh. "CCS for coal-fired power stations is still relatively new, and we continue to find new ways to improve the process, and share our progress with the world."

SaskPower continues to share regular updates on the Boundary Dam CCS process at

Notes to editors about Shell Cansolv:

This testing programme continues the partnership developed with Shell Cansolv in the operation of the industrial scale Boundary Dam Carbon Capture project since 2014. Shell Cansolv offers leading state of the art gas absorption solutions, regenerable SO2 scrubbing technology and CO2 capture technology. Shell Cansolv was acquired by Shell Global Solutions International BV, a member of the Royal Dutch Shell group, in November 2008. Visit Shell Cansolv to learn more..

At a glance...

  • Shell Cansolv will be the next tenant of the SaskPower Carbon Capture Test Facility.
  • Shell Cansolv will be testing existing and new CCS chemistry.
  • SaskPower will be able to use this research to potentially increase efficiency and reduce future costs of the Boundary Dam CCS process.

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