Saskatchewan Companies Selected to Build Phase 1 of SaskPower’s Logistics Warehouse Complex

January 06, 2022

Saskatchewan-based companies will build the first phase of SaskPower’s new Logistics Warehouse Complex at the Global Transportation Hub.

In a Saskatchewan joint venture, Westridge Construction of Regina and Wright Construction Western of Saskatoon have been awarded a $100-million contract to build phase one the facility, which will improve operational efficiency to better serve customers in the region.

“The Logistics Warehouse Complex is a major part of our long-term Regina Properties Strategy, which will optimize SaskPower to serve customers for many years to come,” said Grant Ring, SaskPower Vice-President of Supply Chain. “We are pleased to award the contract for Phase One of this important project to a Saskatchewan joint venture and continue to build on our strong track record of local procurement.”

The facility is part of a long-term strategy to bring frontline employees together in fewer locations. A centralized location will lead to operational efficiencies to better serve customers in the region. It will also enable better collaboration across business groups that must work closely together.

Phase One of construction will include facilities for fleet services, logistics and metering. Construction on phase one began in December 2021 and is forecasted for completion in early 2024. SaskPower will run a separate competition for Phase Two of the project, which will consist of facilities for transmission, distribution and safety, and is expected to be complete by the end of 2025.

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  • Saskatchewan companies have been awarded a $100-million contract to build Phase One of SaskPower’s Logistics Warehouse Complex
  • The facility will house many operational departments and improve efficiency
  • More information can be found at
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