SaskPower Signs Engagement Agreement with Ya’ thi Néné Lands and Resources (YNLR)

December 06, 2023

Saskatchewan’s power utility has signed a historic Master Consulting Agreement with Ya’ thi Néné Lands and Resources (YNLR) to enable collaboration on consultation and engagement on SaskPower projects in northern Saskatchewan.

A non-profit organization established in June 2016 by the seven Athabasca Basin communities (Hatchet Lake Denesułiné First Nation, Black Lake Denesułiné First Nation, Fond du Lac Denesułiné First Nation and the municipalities of Stony Rapids, Uranium City, Wollaston Lake, and Camsell Portage), YNLR works to protect the best interests of the people and the land and will serve as the initial point of contact for Duty to Consult and engagement activities.

“This agreement is the first of its kind for SaskPower and is rooted in our commitment to Indigenous reconciliation, engagement, and consultation,” said Rupen Pandya, SaskPower President and CEO. “Ya’ thi Néné brings an awareness and perspective that will facilitate deeper and more meaningful conversations with communities in the North.”

“We are pleased that SaskPower is taking steps to engage with northern residents respectfully and meaningfully on matters of mutual interest. This agreement demonstrates both parties’ willingness to consider each other's knowledge, understanding and collaborative attitude in addressing SaskPower projects,” said Mary Denechezhe, Elder and YNLR Board Chair.

YNLR’s mandate is to promote and enhance current and future Athabasca residents' environmental, social, economic, and cultural well-being. In keeping with its mandate, YNLR seeks to work collaboratively with corporations operating within its territory while ensuring that their Treaty Rights are respected.

The five-year agreement will see YNLR serve as the initial point of engagement required for SaskPower projects in the Athabasca Basin. This creates a streamlined and meaningful consultation and engagement process, acknowledging the significance of gaining input from rightsholders early on. The work SaskPower typically undertakes in the north includes vegetation management, power line rebuilds, and licencing activities for northern hydroelectric facilities.

At a glance...

  • SaskPower and Ya’ thi Néné (YNLR) have signed a Master Consulting Agreement, good for up to five years
  • The agreement will see YNLR serve as the primary point of engagement for projects in the Athabasca Basin
  • Activities in the region include line rebuilds, vegetation management and licencing of hydroelectric stations
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