When the lights go out, get the latest with SaskPower’s outage map

May 18, 2018

New online tool gives status updates, estimated restore times

SaskPower is officially launching its new online outage map today, giving customers an easy-to-use way to get the latest information on outages across the province.

“We’ve piloted the outage map over the last few weeks and have been really happy with the feedback we’ve received,” said Acting Vice-President of Distribution and Customer Services Nidal Dabghi. “SaskPower is always on the lookout for new ways to get information to our customers. Through the new map, a customer can see status updates on current outages in their neighbourhood, including estimated restoration times, and also get information on upcoming planned outages as SaskPower works to improve the electrical system.”

The outage map provides the same information that is distributed through Twitter and SaskPower’s mobile app alerts. It’s currently available on SaskPower.com, but is scheduled to be added to the SaskPower mobile app in July. The map also offers customers the ability to search for different addresses in the province to see the status of an outage. It can be used on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

While customers can now use the map to get restoration times in the event of an outage, we ask that you continue to report new outages to our Outage Centre by calling 310-2220.

To try out the new outage map, head to Outage Reports and Updates.

At A Glance

  • SaskPower’s outage map provides a new, user friendly way to get latest information during an outage
  • The map provides the same information distributed by SaskPower’s Twitter account and mobile app
  • Please continue to report new outages by calling our Outage Centre at 310-2220
  • To try out the new outage map, head to Outage Reports and Updates 

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