Pilot 2: SaskPower Expands Non-Residential Smart Meter Pilot

June 21, 2018

SaskPower is launching the deployment phase of its second pilot for commercial and industrial smart meters. The latest pilot will see the installation of 7,500 smart meters on commercial and industrial customers. This builds on the successful pilot of over 500 meters last year.

“Many of SaskPower’s commercial and industrial customers have been asking for this technology, and we’re ready to provide it to them” said SaskPower’s Vice-President of Asset Management, Planning and Sustainability, Tim Eckel. “The benefits to our business customers include eliminating billing estimates and providing customers with more detailed information about how and when they’re using power. All of this will help them inform choices around budgeting, planning and conservation.”

The first meters installed as part of this pilot will be on SaskPower’s largest business customers across the province who have already opted to receive one. An additional 750 small and medium business customers will be notified later on in the pilot that they have been selected to take part. They will be selected for the pilot to allow SaskPower to fully test its business processes and communications network across the province prior to full deployment.  

“We learned from what happened in 2014. The meters we’re installing exceed industry standards. Any meter we install in the future will meet a new, more rigorous specification developed specifically for Saskatchewan,” said Eckel. “The meters are then tested to ensure they meet this standard by an internationally-recognized, third party tester.”

The smart meter pilot is an early step to building a smart grid for Saskatchewan in 5-10 years. In the future, this will mean shorter power outages for customers. It will also enable SaskPower to bring more renewable customer-self generated power onto the grid.

“Crescent Point has assets across Canada that are already equipped with smart meters. We volunteered to be one of the first SaskPower customers to receive smart meters because we believe they are an important and positive step forward,” said Chris Bruggencate, Crescent Point Energy Vice-President of Engineering East. “We’re excited about the efficiencies and opportunities that this technology will bring to our Saskatchewan operations.”

Residential smart meters for homes are not planned until SaskPower identifies a meter that meets the new, more rigorous safety standard and passes the same level of testing that has been applied to the commercial and industrial meters. SaskPower looks forward to joining the network of 85 million smart meters installed in North America today, including 85% of meters in Canada.


June is National Electricity Month. Electricity goes hand in hand with quality of life and SaskPower is participating in the Canadian Electricity Association’s activities all month long. To learn more, visit www.electricity.ca.

At a glance...

  • Commercial and industrial smart meters meet or exceed safety standards
  • Meters have been tested extensively by SaskPower and a third party
  • 7,500 smart meters will be installed on commercial and industrial customers,
  • 85% of all power meters in Canada today are smart meters

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