SaskPower Announces long-term Strategy for Regina Properties

April 18, 2019

SaskPower plans to bring its Regina-area employees together in fewer locations in an effort to ensure safety, improve efficiency, and promote collaboration. The multi-year strategy involves the recent purchase of a downtown office building, a new Logistics Warehouse Complex, and renovations to its downtown head office and research facility at the Saskatchewan Science Centre. Once completed, SaskPower will occupy properties at six locations in Regina, down from 13.

“More than a decade ago we started to see the need for a long-term plan for our many properties around Regina. Right now we have more than 1600 staff spread across 13 locations in the area and bringing those people together where possible will immediately make our business more efficient,” said Mike Marsh, President and CEO of SaskPower. “At the same time, many of our facilities were built 50 or 60 years ago and are in need of renovations if we want people to continue working there safely. These projects will ensure the needs of our growing customer base are met now and in the future, while also providing a safe, sustainable, and efficient workspace for our employees.”

SaskPower recently purchased an office building in downtown Regina located at 2101 Scarth Street for $4.5 million. It’s expected the company will take ownership of the building this July, with 400 employees from other Regina sites moving there in 2021, after renovations are done to bring it up to code and to optimize the available space. This project will result in five fewer leased properties in Regina and save approximately $1 million annually in operating costs.

A new Logistics Warehouse Complex, located on the land SaskPower owns at the Global Transportation Hub, will replace existing SaskPower facilities that are nearing the end of their useful lives and would require large investments to continue using. The complex will house service and support operations, including logistics, metering, fleet, and distribution and transmission operations. The entire project will be spread out over several years and will be completed in multiple phases. The estimated investment for the first phase of design and construction is approximately $67 million. A design is currently underway and we anticipate construction will be completed in 2026.

“As we move forward, we’re taking a staged approach, building multiple facilities over a longer period of time,” Marsh said. “Overall, the costs for building and operating a new facility will be offset by lower maintenance and utility costs, as well as avoiding major repairs and renovations to our current facilities.”

SaskPower is spending five years refurbishing its head office in downtown Regina. The building is over 55 years old, has exceeded its life expectancy, and poses health and safety risks unless renovations, including asbestos removal, are completed. The work is currently being done a few floors at a time to minimize the cost and impact on operations. The total capital investment is estimated at approximately $120 million. The renovations will extend the useful life of the building another 30 years and also optimize available space to expand the number of available workspaces. When the project is completed in 2023, it will accommodate roughly 870 staff, which represents one quarter of SaskPower’s workforce.

An investment of $7.5 million will be made over three years to address a number of outstanding maintenance issues at SaskPower’s office and research facility located at 2901 Powerhouse Drive. The work will include mechanical upgrades, foundation repairs, roof replacement, and optimizing available office space. The project will begin later this year.

All of these investments will be made out of SaskPower’s existing capital budget.

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At a glance

  • SaskPower has over 1,600 Regina-area employees spread across 13 different locations
  • Long-term strategy will bring them together in six locations to ensure safety, improve efficiency and promote collaboration
  • The plan includes a recently purchased office building, Logistics Warehouse Complex, and renovations to other properties, including head office
  • Find out more at

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