SaskPower Invests $18.9M to Meet Infrastructure Challenges and Improve Reliability in Regina

May 22, 2019

Work is underway on a number of projects in the Queen City as SaskPower renews its efforts to improve reliability for its Regina customers.

“It takes a lot of effort and investment to keep Saskatchewan’s aging electrical infrastructure up and running, and Regina is no exception,” said Shawn Schmidt, SaskPower Vice-President of Distribution & Customer Services. “That’s why SaskPower is making significant investments to update the power grid in the city.”

Throughout the 2019 construction season SaskPower and contractor crews will replace overhead and underground cables, install wildlife guards on transformers, expand power boxes to counter ground settling, convert streetlights to LED bulbs and build new duct banks.

“Our activities will help reduce the number of outages some customers in Regina experience, and will help our crews find and fix outages faster in the future by giving them more visibility into the grid and the ability to restore power remotely,” Schmidt said.

The benefits of this $18.9-million investment will be seen throughout the city, but emphasis has been placed on improving reliability in Regina’s downtown district to ensure that business customers and residents have the power they need. SaskPower has invested $37 million to improve aging electrical equipment in downtown Regina since 2012.

Outages will occasionally be required to ensure this work can be carried out safely. Learn about upcoming planned power outages by following us on twitter @SaskPower or at, and about road closures at


At a glance...

  • SaskPower is investing $18.9 million to address aging infrastructure and improve reliability in Regina
  • Crews will replace cables, install wildlife guards on transformers, convert streetlights, and carry out other work throughout the year
  • Planned outages will occur in several areas. Visit for more information

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