5 Questions About the Bluebell Project with Reg Coppicus

October 22, 2018

Picture of Reg Coppicus

We all want reliable power. In Saskatchewan, aging infrastructure causes 35% of unplanned outages. That’s why we’re investing about $1 billion a year in our infrastructure. This year, that includes a new substation and power lines in the RMs of Beaver River and Meadow Lake.

We sat down with Reg Coppicus, Project Manager for the Bluebell Project, to talk about what the project means for the area.

  1. What’s going on with the Bluebell project?

    The Rapid View Substation serves the RMs of Beaver River and Meadow Lake. It was built in the early 1960s. The area has changed a lot since then, and the substation is at capacity. So we’re building another one – the Bluebell Substation. This will help meet the growing demand for power.   Not only that but it'll be safer and have a lower environmental impact than the old substation.

    We’re also building about 35 km of new power lines and upgrading 20 km of existing lines. This work will improve reliability for the communities in the area.

  2. Which communities will the Bluebell Substation serve?

    The new Bluebell Substation will serve:

    • Rapid View
    • Golden Ridge
    • Peerless
    • Goodsoil
    • Bousquet Lake
    • Beacon Hill
    • Pierce Lake Campground
    • Pierce Lake Howe Bay
    • Pierceland Lac Des Iles
    • Lauman’s Landing
    • Lac Des Iles – Silver Bay
    • Lac Des Iles – Christel Bay
    • Lac Des Iles – Hingers Resort
  3. When will the new substation be up and running?

    We’re currently on track to power up the new lines and substation by the end of November. To get them in service safely, we need to turn the power off. So there will be some power outages in the area over the next few weeks.

  4. How many and how long will the outages be?

    There will be 3 or 4 outages of approx. 4 hours each, plus an additional 2 outages of approx. 2 hours each. We’ll do our best to work as quickly and safely as possible. Please check out SaskPower.com/outages to learn how to prepare yourself for an outage.

  5. Where can I find out if an outage is going to impact me?

    We will have more information about individual outages in the coming days and weeks. To learn more about upcoming outages please be sure to:


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