5 Questions with Scott Campbell on the Regina Properties Strategy

April 18, 2019

Scott Campbell

We’re bringing our Regina employees together in fewer places. To find out what this means, we sat down with Scott Campbell to talk about the Regina properties strategy.


  1. Why does SaskPower need to build a new facility and buy another building in downtown Regina?

    Having our service and support operations all together will make our operations safer and more efficient.

    This means:

    • Building a new Logistics Warehouse Complex at the Global Transportation Hub (GTH)
    • Buying another building in downtown Regina
    • Upgrading our Head Office at 2025 Victoria Avenue
    • Increasing office capacity at our 2901 Powerhouse Drive facilities

    Building a complex at the GTH will replace our current facilities nearing their end of life. It’ll also bring several of our divisions together in one location. If we don't do this and stay where we are, it would cost a lot of money to maintain the buildings.

    Building new facilities at the GTH will lower the risk to operations disruption by:

    • ensuring staff safety during construction
    • providing effective access to our service areas in the Regina area in the future

    We also lease many office spaces in Regina. With the current low market values, we had the chance to remove ourselves from 5 leased properties. This allowed us to buy the Scarth Street building. It’s right across the parking lot from our Head Office. This will put all our office locations close together. And ensure our presence in Regina’s downtown for many years to come.

    Once all projects are completed, we’ll have all our Regina employees in six locations:

    • Head Office
    • our second downtown building
    • the Logistics Warehouse Complex
    • Grid Control
    • Powerhouse Drive
    • Regina Centre Crossing
  2. What’s this going to cost, and how will you pay for it?

    The cost of the initial design phase of the Logistics Warehouse Complex is $7.3 million.  This includes the:

    • master planning for the entire project
    • detailed design for the first phase of construction

    The entire project will be spread out over several years and will be completed in many phases.

    We’ll have a more accurate view of the total cost after this design phase is complete. Right now the estimated construction cost of the first phase is $60 million. We expect to save about $200,000 a year operating this complex.

    The Scarth Street building cost $4.5 million. Renovations will be needed to bring the space up to code. We estimate we’ll save $1 million dollars a year in maintenance and operating costs by bringing employees together in this building.

    All this work comes out of our current budget. There will be no luxury upgrades. Our priority is upgrading Saskatchewan’s power infrastructure. This way we can continue to provide reliable power that our customers expect.

  3. When is this happening?

    We're building the Logistics Warehouse Complex in phases. We're starting in 2020 and will finish in 2026. We’re just starting the procurement process for the design of the first phase now.

    As for the Scarth Street building, we take ownership on July 2, 2019. But we need to do renovations first. That’s why we expect to start moving employees into the building in 2021.

  4. Who will be working in the new buildings?

    The Logistics Warehouse Complex will let us bring together several divisions in one location, including:

    • Logistics
    • Fleet
    • Distribution Operations
    • Transmission Operations
    • Metering

    The Scarth Street building will bring together close to 400 employees. Right now, these employees are working in 5 different leased places. Who will be moving into the building will be confirmed over the next few months.

  5. Is SaskPower still planning to renovate its Head Office building?

    Yes. Our head office building is over 55 years old. There are health and safety risks unless we renovate.

    We’ll only renovate a few floors at a time. This will help lower costs and disruption to our operations. The estimated costs for the first 2 floors to be complete floors is approximately $9.7 million.

    This work will take place over 5 years. We expect to have the building finished by 2023

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