Net Metering Program Capacity Reached – Program Under Review

We have reached the 16-megawatt (MW) capacity limit for the Net Metering Program. We’re not accepting applications at this time. The program is undergoing a review. New applications won’t be accepted until that review is complete.

Make your own power and save money with our Net Metering program.

You won't have to buy as much power from us when you're making your own. And if you make too much you'll get credits. These will carry over to your next month's bill (for up to 3 years).

Your Energy Options


System Size

Your project can be up to 100 kw (dc). Keep in mind, when building your system, that it's the right size. If you go too big you'll lose credits.

Start by:

  1. Making your home energy efficient. Get your money’s worth from your system.
  2. Figuring out the size and cost of a system. Talk to a few suppliers to give you quotes.
  3. Tracking your monthly power use by signing up for an online account.

Program Costs

Type Cost
Program Costs

Interconnection Study Fee (non-refundable)

$315 (GST included)

Electrical Permits and Inspection

You must get an electrical permit before starting your project.

Interconnection Costs

You’re responsible for all costs linked to connecting your project to the SaskPower grid. This includes a cost of $498.75 (GST included) for installation of a bi-directional meter.

You can find all costs in your Quote Letter. If you have a 120/208V single phase service, please check with us before starting your project. Modifications will be required and there will be extra costs to connect.

System Costs

You're responsible for all costs associated with buying and installing your system. This includes:

  • equipment
  • contractor/electrician costs
  • etc.

Energy Prices

We credit your extra power at the same rate you buy power. Your credits aren’t paid out. They're banked and carried forward, month over month, for up to 3 years.

Government of Saskatchewan Rebate

The Government of Saskatchewan offers a one-time rebate to help cover some costs. The rebate is $0.61 per watt, which works out to about 20% of your total system costs. The maximum rebate is $20,000.

For example: If you install a 8.5 kW system, your rebate would be $5,185.

To get the rebate, you must have:

  • your system installed
  • an electrical inspection
  • a bi-directional meter installed

Once you've got all this, you can send in a copy of your receipts. Original invoices won't be returned.

Rebates are issued directly to customers. Leased equipment isn't eligible for the rebate.

To apply for the Government of Saskatchewan rebate, complete this form and send it to:

Electrical Review

When applying for the program you must have an electrical review done.

Please complete the Renewables Information Check Sheet and send it to us. You can submit this once your application’s approved. You must include all required documents listed in the program guidelines.

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