Fly ash is a fine ash that is a byproduct of burning finely pulverized coal during power production. We sell fly ash for use in ready mix concrete, mine backfill, oil well cementing, road base stabilization and liquid waste stabilization.

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Boundary Fly Ash

Boundary Dam fly ash can be characterized as a Type/Class F (CSA/ASTM) fly ash.

This fly ash is primarily used as a replacement for a portion of the cement used in the ready-mix and precast concrete industries:

  • Ready-mix concrete (basements, walls, driveways)
  • Precast structures (bridge decks, support footings, pipes)
  • Concrete products (blocks, bricks, paving stones)

Shand Fly Ash

Shand fly ash has elevated levels of CaO (typically >20 per cent) and is characterized as Type CH (CSA) Class C (ASTM).

The fly ash has self-cementing and drying agent characteristics and is typically used for:

Oil well industry and remediation

  • Oil well cementing and waste stabilization


  • Rail line and road base/sub-base
  • Work site foundation stabilization
  • Structural fill applications and reinforcement
  • Embankments, slope stabilization, soil erosion protection

Mine and underground backfill and reclamation

  • Flowable fill placement minimizing voids
Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
 Product  Language  Date Issued
 Boundary Fly Ash  English  May 26, 2017
 Boundary Fly Ash   French  May 26, 2017
 Shand Fly Ash   English  May 26, 2017
 Shand Fly Ash  French  May 26, 2017

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