The Small Power Producers Program has reached the maximum limit of customer generation capacity, providing a total 7.5 MW of power. We are not accepting any additional applications at this time and ask that customers hold any outstanding applications until new programs are available.

The Small Power Producers Program accommodates individual customers and corporate entities who wish to generate up to 100 kilowatts (kW) of electricity for the purpose of offsetting power that would otherwise be purchased from SaskPower or for selling all of the power generated to SaskPower.

The total nameplate kilowatt(dc) capacity of all generators under the applicant’s name must not exceed 100 kW(dc).  Applicants may apply for more than one project or additional projects in the future for as long as the program is accepting applications and they have not exceeded their 100 kW(dc) limit.  Additional projects by an individual customer or corporate entity exceeding the 100 kW(dc) maximum capacity limit are not allowed.

Sell It All or Sell What You Don’t Use

At the beginning of the application process, you need to choose between one of two options:

  1. Sell all of the power you produce to SaskPower; or
  2. Sell the excess of what you do not use.

Once you make your decision, you cannot switch within the scope of the Power Purchase Agreement.

How Do I Apply?

The application package for a Preliminary Interconnection Study must include the following:

  • A completed Request for Preliminary Interconnection Study Small Power Producers Application Form.
  • A cheque or money order made out to SaskPower for $315.00 (including GST) to cover the cost of the Preliminary Interconnection Study (Interconnection Study).
  • A map of the general location of the generation facilities.
  • An electrical single line diagram of all generation equipment, inverters, utility disconnect switch, panel (sub panel), main breaker connection and meter.
  • The specification sheets from your supplier on the generation equipment and inverters and any other non-standard equipment.

This application is for the Interconnection Study in which your generation equipment is analyzed to determine what is necessary to connect to the SaskPower system. It is not necessary to have already purchased your equipment at this point as this is just a paper study. SaskPower may, at any time, reject your application for any reason in SaskPower's sole discretion. The result of the Interconnection Study will be either a quote that will include the cost to connect to the SaskPower grid, the cost to exchange the meter and any commissioning costs that are applicable, or SaskPower notifying you that your application has not been accepted.

Applying for the program is the first step in the process. For complete information, see the Small Power Producers Program Process.


The small power producer is responsible for the cost of connection, commissioning and the meter installation. A quote for these costs will be provided as part of the Interconnection Study.

Purchase Rates

The 2017 program price that we will pay for electricity is 10.82¢/kWh. This price will increase at a rate of two per cent each year after that. Purchase rates do not differ between eligible generation technologies. All contracts will be honoured in accordance with the pricing regime in the signed contract, even if the program is discontinued.

Electricity banking services are not provided under this policy (see our Net Metering Program if you’d like to bank electricity).

Annual Rate Update

Each year, SaskPower will publish a new set of rates and a new escalation rate. These new rates will only apply to those contracts signed at that particular time. The first-year rate paid under the program contract will be the lesser of that year's published rate for the Target Commercial Operation Date or the Actual Commercial Operation Date achieved.

Periodic Reviews

The Small Power Producers program is reviewed annually.

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