We may need to build more natural gas power stations by the end of the decade. Before we make any decisions around building new natural gas power stations, we need to look for site options.

Why we’re doing it

As we begin to phase out conventional coal, we’ll need to replace it with another source of reliable power. Natural gas is an option for meeting this need. It can help us meet environmental regulations because it produces half the emissions of conventional coal. It also supports renewable generation options like wind and solar.

There are different types of natural gas power stations. We’re considering smaller simple cycle gas turbines and larger combined cycle plants.

If a decision is made to proceed with a natural gas project, the size and type of power station will depend on many factors. This includes our latest forecasts for power demand. We expect to make a decision as early as 2022.

Our progress so far

In 2020, we started to assess numerous sites to ensure that if we need more natural gas power generation leading up to 2030, we’re ready to move forward with it. We evaluated potential sites around the Aberdeen switching station near Saskatoon. We also evaluated land we already own at:

  • the Queen Elizabeth Power Station in Saskatoon,
  • the Shand Power Station near Estevan, and
  • close to our Wolverine Switching Station near Lanigan.

The sites near Aberdeen and the Queen Elizabeth Power Station weren’t optimal due to higher costs and interference with existing infrastructure. We’re continuing to study the sites near Wolverine and Shand. Each of these sites is being considered for potential future generation ranging from 50 to 350 megawatts (MW) of natural gas power.

We’ll also explore the potential to add or replace generation at existing facilities. We’re currently considering an addition of 50 to 100 MW at the Ermine Power Station near Kerrobert.

Minimizing the impact to you

Engagement and consultation with stakeholders is important to us. We’re working with local municipal and Indigenous communities and local landowners to collect feedback. Their feedback will help us as we look at the different site options. To help refine our siting process, we want to:

  • Understand future development plans
  • Learn about your interest in our process and the considerations we’re reviewing
  • Document your concerns, suggestions, and inputs
  • Identify your preferences for exchanging information with us throughout the siting study process

What does SaskPower consider when choosing sites?

When looking at sites, we review:

  • Indigenous knowledge
  • Land use
  • Social aspects
  • Environment
  • Technical components
  • Cost

Keeping you informed

We’re committed to capturing your feedback as early in the process as possible. We want to work directly with:

  • Local communities
  • Indigenous communities
  • Planning and development groups
  • Environmental organizations
  • Landowners

Have a question? Want to be involved in the process? Help us with our decision-making by reaching out:


Phone: 1-855-566-2903 (toll-free in Saskatchewan)

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