We’re rebuilding 60 kilometres (km) of an existing power line that connects the Glaslyn Switching Station with the Spiritwood Substation. This $23-million investment will help extend the life of the power line, while providing reliable power to you.

Transmission project timeline plan stage 

Why We’re Doing It 

Operating for more than 50 years, the power line is at the end of its life. Rebuilding will ensure reliable power for customers in the area for years to come.

Our Progress So Far

Our plan is to complete this project in 2 sections:

  • Section 1: Glaslyn to Belbutte 
    • For this section of the project, we’ll rebuild the new power line beside the existing one.
    • This is done beside the existing right-of-way, meaning we’ll work with landowners to expand the easements.
    • Once built and energized, we’ll salvage the existing line.
  • Section 2: Belbutte to Spiritwood 
    • We need to re-route this section of power line, as we’re unable to expand the existing right-of-way. 
    • Water in the current right-of-way impacts our ability to maintain the power line and impacts its overall reliability.
    • We would have to de-energize the current power line to rebuild it in the same place, meaning multiple outages and interruptions to service. 
    • We’re looking for your feedback to help determine the best new route.

Getting Your Feedback

In December 2021 and January 2022, we reached out to stakeholders to share information and learn their perspectives on this project. We met with the Rural Municipalities of Medstead and Spiritwood, and connected by phone and email with about 50 landowners. Thanks to everyone who willingly gave their time and offered their input.

What We Heard

This is a summary of the many conversations we had with stakeholders. If we’ve missed anything, please reach out to us.

Reduce impact to residences

  • Maintain as much clearance as possible from residences. 

Reduce impact to agricultural operations

  • Avoid placing structures in the middle of fields.
  • Reduce the number of corner structures, anchors and guy wires.
  • Minimize the amount of stranded/unfarmable land. Accommodate large equipment.
  • Consider current farming practices when routing along quarter section lines. 

Minimize impact to wildlife/environment

  • Avoid routing in non-farmland to protect wildlife.
  • Clearing trees on farmed sections is generally acceptable.

Old Rail Line

  • Many asked why this wasn’t considered for a route. Generally, we won’t consider rail lines/right of ways for our infrastructure. This is due to liability about any previous site contamination. 


  • Avoid scheduling work at times that would result in crop damages.
  • Any impacts to fencing needs to be discussed with those landowners.
  • Any rock piles in tree rows will have to be cleared.

We’re using the feedback from stakeholders, combined with our routing considerations, to determine a preferred route. We plan to share the preferred route in March, and will reach out again to impacted landowners for additional comments. At that time, we’ll also discuss possible accommodations that could be made to address concerns.

Questions or comments? Reach out to us at 1-855-566-2903 or email PublicConsultation@saskpower.com.

Minimizing the Impact to You 

To avoid power disruptions, the existing power line from Glaslyn to Spiritwood will remain in service until we complete the rebuild. 

Respecting the Local Environment

We recognize that what we do today impacts our future. As we plan projects, we:

  • use tools like databases, satellite imagery and field surveys to understand the environment
  • ensure all protection standards are in place
  • develop a plan to reduce or avoid impacts to rare and endangered species, habitats, sensitive landscape features or heritage resources 

We’ll follow all applicable provincial environment assessment and approval processes.

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