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Call 310-2220 for All Emergencies

  • Is a tree touching a power line?
  • Is the line sparking or the tree burning?

If so remember to stay back at least 10 metres and contact us.

For your safety, please don’t attempt to trim or remove a tree that is near or touching a power line yourself. Instead, submit a request and we'll come out and assess the situation.

Our Responsibility

If a tree presents a threat to public safety or our equipment, we’ll trim branches or remove the tree if required.

Your Responsibility

If the tree doesn’t pose a threat to public safety or our equipment, the property owner is responsible for trimming or removing it. Branches should be kept between 3 and 22.5 metres (10 and 75 feet) away from the power line, depending on the type of power line.

Hire a Certified Arborist

We encourage you to consider hiring a certified arborist to do the job safely and protect the health of the tree. Please remember, to help curb the spread of Dutch elm disease. It’s illegal to prune elm trees between Apr. 1 to Aug. 31 each year.

Plant Smart

The best way to avoid problems is to make sure trees don’t get close to the power line to begin with! If you’re adding trees to your property, be sure to plant the right tree in the right place.

What To Expect: Tree Trimming and Removal

Did you know we have 110,000 kilometres of power lines that trees could potentially come into contact with? Maintaining a safe distance between all those power lines and trees is a big job! Depending on the urgency of the situation, it may take us some time to follow up on your request.

Our Approach

We understand that the way we trim trees can be surprising. While we love trees too, the top priority is to maintain safety and reliable service, rather than the tree’s aesthetics.

Depending on the tree’s location, how quickly its branches re-grow and other factors, a large section of the tree may need to be removed.

In some cases, we may need to remove tree entirely. For example, we’d need to remove a tree if it’s in the right-of-way, in danger of falling over and hitting a power line or can’t be trimmed to a safe distance.

We hire certified utility arborists to handle the job. They’re knowledgeable about plant ecology and have the training needed to work around power lines safely.

Before the Work Begins

Unless it’s an emergency, we’ll try to contact you to let you know about our plans before we do the work.

Disposal of Trimmed Branches

Disposal of trimmed tree branches is the responsibility of the property owner.

Ready to Get Started?

Requesting a tree trimming assessment is easy! You can:

  • pinpoint the location
  • upload images
  • add comments

If a tree is near or touching a telecommunications line, rather than a power line, not to worry – trees generally don’t interfere with those services. Telecommunications lines are usually connected lower on the pole than power lines.

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