Trees growing near power lines are a safety hazard, and can result in arcing, fires and even cause the ground around it to become energized. Trees also cause approximately 1,700 power outages a year when they come in contact with power lines.

Prevent Future Outages by Planting in the Right Place

Planting trees? Landscaping within a power line right-of-way (ROW) is restricted. No planting is permitted within the ROW for transmission lines. For distribution lines, we have identified four planting zones to help guide you. Check out the illustrations below.



What to Plant

If you’re looking for information on what to plant:

  • Your local nursery can provide advice on choosing the right tree for the right space.
  • You can download our Plant Smart brochure, which explains clearance distances and suggests appropriate tree species.

Other Important Safety Considerations

Never add structures such as treehouses or attachments like swings to a tree that’s close to a power line. If the tree were ever to contact the line, they could become energized or catch on fire too.

Planting Around SaskPower Equipment

Thinking of planting trees or shrubs near our ground-mounted pedestals? Remember that our employees must always be able to open these pedestals for emergency and maintenance work. Leave two to three metres on all sides free of trees and shrubs.

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