We’re rebuilding 64 kilometres of an existing power line that connects the Beauval and Île-à-la-Crosse Substations. This $55 million investment will help extend the life of the power line, while providing reliable power to you.

Project Stage: Plan, Define and Consult 

Why We're Doing It

The existing power line is nearing the end of its useful life. Rebuilding it will ensure reliable power for customers in the area for years to come.

Our Progress So Far

We’re working with local municipalities, First Nations and Métis communities and local landowners to collect feedback. We’d like to hear about:

  • how this project might affect you
  • how we can reduce impacts
  • general knowledge of the area, including environmental and heritage resources
  • what else we should know as we complete our project planning

The project is expected to start in the summer of 2024 and be completed by March 2026. Our goal is to maintain open communication throughout the project.

What To Expect

Our plan is to rebuild the majority of the new power line adjacent to the existing one. Once the new line is built and energized, we’ll salvage the old power line.

We’ll be contacting landowners whose property will be impacted to secure easements. An easement is an agreement between us and the landowner for a right-of-way.

The right-of-way is needed to ensure safe access for the construction, operation and maintenance of the power line. It’s important to ensure proper clearance is kept around our power lines.

Respecting the Local Environment

What we do today impacts our future. We’re always working hard to reduce our impact and protect the environment.

As we plan projects, we use tools like databases, satellite imagery and field surveys to understand the environment we are working in.

As projects move forward, we’ll make sure environmental protection standards are in place to reduce our impact on features like:

  • waterbodies
  • sensitive lands
  • wildlife and their habitats
  • heritage resources

We also work with the Ministry of Environment and other regulatory agencies to ensure we meet all environmental requirements.

Project Outcomes

When complete, this investment will ensure reliable power for homes and businesses in the Beauval and Île-à-la-Crosse areas.

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