We built our power grid over 50 years ago. But as technology changes and the need for cleaner power increases, our aging system won't be able to keep up.

Our current power grid uses one-way communication. This means we send power to your home or business and rely on you or our staff to read your meter. We also rely on you to tell us when there’s a power outage in your neighbourhood.

One day, in the future you may want to generate your own power from solar or wind. Smart grid technology will make it possible to connect a lot more solar and wind to the grid. It'll help us know where our power's coming from and where more’s needed. It will also tell us when there’s an outage in your area and let us fix it faster.

Smart meters are one of the building blocks of a smart power future. With them, our customers will see benefits right away. Smart meters are like regular digital meters, but they allow two-way communication. This means your meter will no longer have to rely on meter readings for accurate bills.

You’ll also have more access to information about your power consumption. And, you'll be able to make better conservation and budgeting decisions as a result.

Saskatchewan’s future is bright! We’re committed to increasing renewable generation in the province by up to 50 per cent by 2030. A smart grid will ensure we achieve it.

What’s happening right now

Our commercial and industrial customers have been asking for smart meter technology - and we're finally ready to give it to them. Around 750 businesses throughout the province will receive smart meters starting in late July. Businesses that expressed interest and have opted in will get the majority of meters. Other businesses across the province have been asked to take part. They can decide to join the pilot or not.

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