1. What is the Energy Assistance Program?

The Energy Assistance Program is a free program for income qualified customers. The program provides a free home walk through, one on one energy coaching, tailored energy efficiency information the free installation of several energy efficient technologies. 

2. Is the program really free?

The Energy Assistance Program is offered by SaskPower with additional funding from the Government of Canada. The program is completely free for eligible customers. 

3. If I live in Saskatoon or Swift Current and am not a SaskPower customer, do I still qualify?

Yes. The program is open to all eligible residents across Saskatchewan. Through a partnership with Saskatoon Light & Power and Swift Current Light & Power, we are able to offer the program province-wide. 

4. If I don’t own my home, can I apply?

Yes, renters are eligible to apply for the program. However, we will need your landlord’s permission to provide some of the energy efficient upgrades. The landlord permission form can be found here. Either you or your landlord can send the signed form to us directly: energyassistance@saskpower.com

5. I own a mobile home. Does that qualify?

You may qualify if you live in a mobile home. Please see our qualifications list for more information. 

6. How much can I expect to save on my bills?

The average customer can expect to see an estimated total savings of $230 year across gas, water and electricity bills. 

7. What is the process once I am accepted?

Once your application is accepted, a SaskPower representative will call you to set up your first of two appointments. On the first one, a qualified Energy Coach will come to your home, do a home walkthrough with you and install all eligible upgrades but the thermostat. If your household qualifies for the thermostat upgrade, a second appointment will be scheduled with a certified HVAC technician to install your free smart thermostat. 

8. If I live in apartment or apartment style condo, do I qualify?

Potentially! We’re adjusting the program to include residents of multi unit buildings. Email us with any questions.

9. I have two furnaces. Will both of my old thermostats be replaced with smart thermostats?

No. We offer the installation of one smart thermostat per household. If you have two thermostats that qualify to be replaced, the thermostat that operates the larger part of the home will be the one updated. Or, our energy coach will discuss options with you to help you decide where to place the new smart thermostat.

10. Does everyone qualify for a smart thermostat?

Not necessarily. The Energy Assistance Program offers a straight thermostat replacement on gas furnaces only. That means boilers do not qualify.

Your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) would not qualify if your current HVAC system needs upgrades to install a new smart thermostat. During your initial visit, the Energy Coach will do an assessment of your current thermostat. At that time, they’ll be able to give you an idea if you qualify. Eligibility, is up to the certified HVAC contractor to determine if the replacement is possible and safe to do so.

11. Where can I get more information on saving energy in my home? 

SaskPower has a free online assessment tool that can help provide information on how to save on your power and natural gas costs. Please visit our Online Energy Assessment for Homes.

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