Review your options for modifying your rural electrical service.

Power Service to Support a Backup Generator

If you want the flexibility of using a backup generator, you need a transfer switch that allows you to disconnect from SaskPower’s main grid to avoid back feed. Commercial options such as a GenerLink are available and would be supplied by an electrician.

For customers billed under the Farm rate, SaskPower offers a replacement power box with meter that includes a built-in standby switch.

These costs are estimates only and subject to an actual quote and site inspection.


If you need more information, please view our Electrical Service Change PDF.

Backup Generator Details

Backup Generator Details
Service Type Estimated Cost
We replace the existing power box and meter with a standby switch so you can use a backup generator. This price does not apply if service is to a customer-owned meter box or for services greater than 200 amps.  $700


  • An electrical permit is required for wiring the plug on the farm power centre standby unit.
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