We've had an overwhelming response to our call for 2,000 smart meter volunteers. Thank you! Within 24 hours, over 1,500 customers signed up. A large majority of these were residential customers. In order to balance this phase, we need small and medium business to participate as well. As a result, we are no longer accepting residential applications at this time.


If you’re a business, we still want to hear from you. We’ve set aside the remainder of the available meters for businesses to ensure you have the opportunity to experience the benefits of a smart meter.

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It’s as simple as filling out the information below. For quick reference, you may want to find a recent SaskPower bill so that you can fill out all the required fields. Please note that our smart meter supply for this phase is limited! Once all the meters are allocated, we’ll add you to a list of priority customers to receive a smart meter in a future phase.

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Learn more about the benefits, safety and history of the smart meter program.

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