We’re building a new 370-megawatt natural gas power station near Lanigan. We’ve also chosen a name for the facility – Aspen Power Station – to reflect its location within the Aspen Parkland Ecoregion.

This new power station will:

  • provide enough power for about 370,000 homes in Saskatchewan
  • deliver reliable power to you
  • support renewable power generation and the transition away from conventional coal

Project Stage: Plan, Define and Consult 

Why We're Doing It

The Aspen Power Station is part of a staged approach to replace conventional coal generation that must be retired by 2030, and to transition the province's power system to net zero greenhouse gas emissions. While natural gas generation still produces emissions, they're less than half those of a conventional coal plant.

A natural gas power station comes with additional benefits:

  • It can provide a steady power source 24/7
  • It can quickly ramp up or down as needed to provide backup power to support renewable energy generation. such as wind and solar
  • It helps us get closer to our goal of reducing emissions by at least 50% from 2005 levels by 2030

Learn more about how natural gas generation works and how it fits in Saskatchewan's power supply mix.

Find out more and provide your input about how we're changing the way we power the province to meet our greenhouse gas emissions targets, while meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.

Our Progress So Far

In 2020, we started to look at potential sites for a new natural gas power station, including the Lanigan area. 

Following our technical studies and consultations with stakeholders, Rightsholders and Indigenous groups, we began the regulatory approval process.

The Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (IAAC) has determined that our Detailed Project Description submitted on August 31, 2023 aligns with all federal regulations and a further impact assessment is not required.

We’re in the process of selecting an engineer, procure, construct (EPC) partner to design and build the power station. We expect construction to begin in 2024 and for the power station to be fully constructed in 2027.

Minimizing the Impact to You

Engagement and consultation with stakeholders and Rightsholders are important to us. We’re working with local municipalities, First Nations and Métis communities and local landowners to collect feedback.

Respecting the Local Environment

Both the federal and provincial governments regulate the Aspen project. Each government has its own area of responsibility. 

We’ll follow all applicable federal and provincial assessments and approval processes.

For every power project we do, we follow best-practice standards. This helps us protect the environment no matter which stage the project is in.

Opportunities for You

We're committed to working with local and Indigenous companies, contractors and workers throughout Saskatchewan on this project. We’re also committed to fair and transparent procurement processes, with world-class ethical standards as our guiding principle. 

For more information on our procurement processes and this project, check out Doing Business with Us. We’ll also update this page as procurement opportunities for the project become available.

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