EV Mythbusters: When Traveling, an Electric Vehicle Can’t Go as Far as a Gas Vehicle

December 23, 2020

Person plugging their EV car into a charger

Myth: When traveling, an electric vehicle (EV) can’t go as far as a gas vehicle.

Busted: How far you can go depends on the vehicle you buy. 

All EVs have different ranges based on the model. Modern EVs can travel hundreds of kilometres — some over 500 km — before needing a charge. New longer-range vehicles are being offered all the time by many different auto manufacturers. 

Most EVs will suit the needs of the average Saskatchewan driver. More than 80% of commuters in the province drive less than half an hour to get to work. That means a round trip is well within range.  

If you’re planning to travel longer distances, check out this charge map to find a plug charging station closest to you. As of December 2020, there are currently over 50 public charging stations in the province. This includes about 10 fast charging stations and over 40 Level 2 public charging stations with new stations coming online regularly. They’re located across the TransCanada Highway and at locations far south as Estevan and as far north as Lower Fishing lake.   

Keep in mind that while the range of an electric vehicle is reduced in the winter, the same is true for gas vehicles. We’ll learn more about how electric vehicles perform in the winter in our next blog post. 

Click here for more information from SaskPower on electric vehicles.

Interest in electric vehicles is growing globally, and that’s true here in Saskatchewan too. This is the first in a series of posts aimed at helping our customers make informed decisions on whether an electric vehicle is right for them. 

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