Residential Smart Meter Program Launching in Saskatchewan

November 22, 2021

SaskPower technician wearing an orange hard hat and shirt installing a smart meter on a home.

After a successful pilot project, we're ready to start installing residential smart meters.

The commercial and industrial pilot started in 2017 with more than 45,000 smart meters installed. The residential pilot launched in May 2021 and included more than 17,000 volunteer customers. We're pleased to report there have been no issues with any of the meters installed.

We stand behind the safety and quality of these new residential smart meters. They have been built for Saskatchewan’s harsh weather, rigorously tested, and go above industry standards for safety.

Smart meters have smart technology with many benefits to you including: 

  • Bills based on actual power used each month. No more bills based on estimates.
  • No more manual reads that require us to enter your property to read the meter.
  • Detailed information about your power use to help you save on bills.
  • Smart meters will allow us to identify the source of an outage and get power restored faster.

Installation will start in January 2022.

The schedule for installation across the province is dependent on supply of smart meters from our manufacturer, which has been affected by the global shortage of microchips.

As a customer, it’s natural to have questions. For more information you can call 1-888-757-6937 or visit

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