5 Questions on Carbon Tax


With the new federal carbon tax arriving soon, we sat down with Troy King, Vice-President, Finance & Business Performance and Chief Financial Officer, to get the details on why it’s happe [...]

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Troy King

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5 Questions on SaskPower’s Construction Work in Regina

You’ll notice lots of SaskPower construction and maintenance going on in Regina this year. That’s because we’re upgrading and maintaining our old power system. This work will help keep the power grid [...]

5 Questions on Zebra Mussels

These tiny creatures are making themselves at home in Canada’s water systems (luckily they haven’t reached Saskatchewan yet).

5 Questions with Scott Campbell on the Regina Properties Strategy

We’re building and buying new spaces in Regina. Find out what this means in our blog.

BD3 Status Update: April 2019

Learn more about the BD3 Status Update for April 2019 on this week's SaskPower Blog.

5 Questions with Ming Qian on our 2019 Wood Pole Maintenance Program

With 1.2 million poles and counting, we're constantly working to prolong their life span. Since most of our poles are wood and over 35% of them were installed in the 1950's and 1960’s, they need regul[...]

BD3 Status Update: March 2019

The Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) facility at Boundary Dam Power Station captured 22,357 tonnes of CO2 in March and was online 32 per cent of the month.

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